Responsible for compliance, document management, and/or regulatory workflow?

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We’re committed to simplifying your regulatory compliance processes so you can focus on business success.

We care about the often-overlooked factors that enable good business practice, like streamlined workflows, task analysis and comparative data review. Having the right tools to simplify and clarify business processes leads to fulfilled business objectives, a better work environment, and an improved focus on the future.

Below, you’ll find helpful conformii product and user resources, tools, and regulatory compliance industry news.

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conformii monitors all documents in its Library to ensure currency and relevance prior to use by our clients.

Updates to documents are provided via notifications from conformii to the client, eliminating the need (and cost) for clients to monitor any documents in the library or their specific briefcase.

Customer Service

Product Development 

Our product road map is an essential part of conformii’s overall development cycle.

conformii develops its features and functionality to ensure alignment with emerging regulatory and compliance requirements and the needs of our clients and the market. Our UX/UI is also designed with the end-user in mind.

Product Development

Customer Support and Client Success 

Support is the essence of conformii. Whether through identifying relevant documents, updating changes, conducting training or workshops, or providing subject matter knowledge on compliance matters, the conformii client success team is well equipped and established to help our clients achieve success.

Workshop Training

Training & Workshops

Nothing is more important to our client success team than ensuring our clients are fully capable in using conformii to address their compliance issues.

conformii is committed to working with our clients at all stages of the user experience to bring awareness and readiness in the use of conformii.

Compliance Management Made Simple.

We began our compliance management journey focused on the regulated energy sector.

Today, we serve clients who need to manage a few hundred, or up to 40,000 regulatory documents. Our software helps organizations apply compliance requirements to manage workflow, processes and people to achieve regulatory compliance.

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