Simplify compliance management with one powerful platform.

conformii delivers a consistently efficient regulatory, TCFD, CDP and ESG compliance management process. We streamline collaborator workflows, equipping teams and stakeholders through comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and actionable information.


Create a more efficient Continuous Compliance Management Process.

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Emerging Compliance Frameworks

conformii supports compliance initiatives with a real-time, collaborative, and repeatable process.

Digital Technology

Whether creating a legal registry, applying a compliance framework, facilitating workflow and collaboration or filling a technological gap to meet compliance requirements, conformii allows user to develop and support new reporting initiatives as frameworks emerge.

The lack of digital technology and tools for collaboration and quality data collection is the biggest barrier companies face in collecting and using investment-grade ESG data.

conformii reduces the barriers companies face in collecting and using investment-grade ESG data.

conformii is aligned with emerging global frameworks:

A framework driven approach enabled by technology and collaboration.

Achieving compliance standards requires insight and expertise. conformii is aligned to the emerging compliance frameworks like TCFD to support collaboration and emerging standards and requirements.


Our technology-enabled, process-driven approach creates a more efficient process designed to deliver insights for all stakeholders.

Our advisory capabilities minimize disruption to daily business operations, thereby simplifying implementation and user acceptance. 


Our compliance library and client-specific briefcase, also known as a legal register, combine to capture and manage all relevant internal and external compliance documents.

Organized by jurisdiction, function, department, and asset, conformii manages and monitors them in a central document database.


Reporting features include global sustainability reporting standards; risks, opportunities, metrics, and jurisdictional targets; and internal organization-specific compliance documents and reports automated monitoring of controls and the collection of evidence to facilitate continuous compliance.

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Ready to conquer compliance?

conformii makes it possible.

Regulations can change every 12 minutes.

Our inherent monitoring and automation keep compliance ahead of the clock.

Regulatory compliance is complex and heavily scrutinized as more stakeholders assess compliance issues and make decisions based on compliance.

Maintaining constantly changing legal and regulatory requirements is nearly impossible to achieve without inherent automation and monitoring. Adding new compliance requirements and frameworks like TCFD only adds to the complexity of maintaining continuous compliance.

conformii harnesses out-of-the-box functionality for fast implementation and configures to accommodate specific regulated and emerging compliance management needs. 

Digitize compliance management.

Bridge the gap between traditional reporting and disclosure functions with the comprehensive updates and insights needed to identify and address compliance risks to drive business success.

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Using conformii, compliance teams can capture, manage and respond to the needs and concerns of internal and external stakeholders more effectively. This efficiency enhances resilience and competitive edge.


Compliance Management Made Simple.

We began our compliance management journey with a focus on the regulated energy sector. 

Today, we serve clients who need to manage a few hundred or thousands of regulatory documents. conformii helps organizations apply compliance requirements to manage workflow, processes, and people to consistently achieve regulatory compliance.

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