conformii’s collaborative approach delivers vital insights to all stakeholders with a workflow that makes it possible for teams to align their compliance initiatives. 

Digital Technology

Workflow relevant modules for compliance teams

conformii supports both traditional regulatory reporting and emerging trends in compliance requirements, including:

  • Global sustainability reporting standards
  • Risks, opportunities, metrics and jurisdictional targets
  • Automated monitoring of controls and collection of evidence to facilitate compliance.

The Library houses all conformii documents – in both historical and current versions. It is a repository of current and relevant jurisdictional documents that support our clients’ regulatory compliance efforts.

This collection of legislated regulations, rules, codes, and standards reflects the jurisdictions in which our clients operate. If a new jurisdiction is required, conformii will load it. The Library is monitored by conformii (our librarians) and is updated to reflect changes to legislation, regulations, and standards. Centralizing these documents reduced the time users need to find and manage documents.

By simplifying the availability and currency of regulated documents from multiple jurisdictions, conformii reduces the risk and costs of non-compliance.

The Briefcase is the client’s legal registry – it holds all of their regulatory documents. Clients work in their briefcase to support corporate regulatory compliance efforts and activities. Internal controls are matched and attached to regulations to demonstrate how practices and procedures satisfy regulatory requirements.

With the Briefcase is functionality that allows clients to review applicability, relevance, and currency. Suggestions of new, relevant documents are provided via a dashboard which is available in the Briefcase.

The Conditions and Commitments module manages a client’s internal documents and obligations for environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters. Similar to a legal registry, this module links policies and procedures with emerging frameworks like TCFD or CPD and is a significant improvement for collaboration amongst SMEs. Additionally, access for review of the module and its outcomes is available for external reviewers and assessors.

Calendar functionality allows users to manage and maintain critical commitments and deadlines for obligations. These include filing dates, expirations, and reporting requirements. Reminders and notifications are pervasive in this module and functionality, ensuring the timeliness of inputs and outputs.

The functionality in Calendar can act as a built-in task manager to ensure timeliness, fulfillment and accuracy of the regulations, obligations, frameworks, and assessment.

Reporting is an essential element of regulatory and ESG processes.

The Reporting module in conformii allows users to understand completion of tasks and create reports for internal and external requirements.

The reporting capability is filtered by business group, function or asset and can be further refined to present the status of task completion and readiness to timelines and obligations.

The data is fully exportable to other business intelligence tools.

By simplifying the availability and currency of regulated documents from multiple jurisdictions, conformii reduces the risk and costs of non-compliance.

Compliance. Simplified. By conformii.

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